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How It Works

A lot of consideration has gone into what Fancy a Round should do for you, so it's important you know what the site offers before starting out. To help with this we have broken down the functionality into simple steps to get you up to speed from the word go. At a glance, here's how it works:

Joining a Game

Here are the ways you can join a game on Fancy a Round. Click the links for a break down on how you do it.

Setup Your Alerts and Join...

First thing you'll want to do is set up your alerts so we can tell you when games you're interested in are created. They are the most important part of what Fancy a Round offers you. Click here to see how.

Search for Rounds...

If you have not found a round you want to join from an alert yet and want to see what rounds are planned you can always search for one at any time. Once you find a round you’re interested in, simply request to join and wait to hear back from the host. Click here to see how.

Creating Your Own Round

If you don't want to wait for an alert or just want to plan the kind of round your after now, you can organise your own and allow others to join you.

Create and Manage Your Own Round...

Members with alerts matching your round criteria will be notified straight away and people will be able to search for your round from our search page. Once members request to join your round you can see their details and feedback, message them and decide whether you want to allow them to join, click here to see how.


  • Use the little '(?)' links scattered about the site to find out more about something you're not clear on.
  • Make use of the forums if you want to give feedback, share experiences or just socialise with other golfing enthusiasts.
  • You can always find out more in our FAQ's section.

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